Tim Woodard’s work toward gaining compliance

Tim Woodard of Morristown, Tennessee, has worked in mediation and mitigation for many years. He primarily focuses on strategic business and litigation planning with a specialization in domestic, contractual and general litigation. He recently opened his own firm called the Tim Woodard Mediation Firm. Woodard acts as owner and senior managing partner of this practice located in Morristown. It follows his education in the field, being the first person in his family to earn a college degree.

In addition to his work across dispute resolution and other negotiation work, Woodard also works as a compliance consultant. This role entails being an internal compliance auditor overseeing financial transactions. It ensures company compliance at state and federal levels, particularly with lending laws, which is necessary for many businesses. Woodard aids with compliance for a variety of agencies and types of company contracts. He maintains inventory of transactions through specific compliance procedures. This aspect of Tim Woodard’s work, which is offered through his firm, requires development of internal controls and continuing education. Woodard has a strong commitment to maintaining this level of knowledge and keeping up with standards as they change regarding financial compliance.